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About Gryd Consulting

Gryd Consulting is a premier consulting agency that provides comprehensive and tailored guidance and support to ABA providers.

By choosing Gryd Consulting, you are partnering with trusted experts who understand the complexities of ABA therapy and the critical role of supporting documentation. Through our tailored solutions and collaborative approach, we aim to provide comprehensive information and training about industry standards, helping you increase the quality of your services and improve client progress.

Raizy, the driving force behind Gryd Consulting, brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. With a background in special education and a master’s degree in the field, Raizy initially worked with children with developmental delays before becoming a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Her passion for making a difference in the lives of children and adolescents with ASD led her to focus her career on ABA therapy. Having worked directly with clients, supervised ABA therapists, performed QA reviews, and having been involved in ABA clinical operations, Raizy has gained firsthand experience at all levels of ABA service provision. Additionally, her role as an adjunct professor in the Manhattanville College ABA Master’s program allows her to guide future BCBAs, ensuring that they meet the highest clinical standards in data and ABA service documentation.

Raizy’s experience has given her an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by providers when balancing the realities of service delivery while maintaining proper documentation, and this enables her to provide objective and professional guidance to ABA staff on how to do so effectively.

Gryd Consulting utilizes a proactive approach to ensure that your company documentation is aligned with insurance requirements. We use elements of ABA methodology to optimize your internal processes and to streamline company procedures. Contact Gryd Consulting today to benefit from our expertise and our commitment to excellence – taking your ABA services to the next level.

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