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Launching ABA Agency: 


While most packages are for companies that are further along in the process, Packages 12 and 13, which include client and staff intake forms, will be needed right away. You might also consider Package 2 or Package 3, as they provide the clinical templates that providers need as soon as they begin servicing clients. Before choosing any of these initial packages, you must know which insurance companies you will be working with, either through contracts or out-of-network benefits. You also need to first establish the electronic platform you will be using for practice management and clinical functions.

Yes; however, we charge an hourly rate for the time spent reviewing. If there are several points of feedback or a significant number of missing documents, it may end up being more costly than a standard consulting package. 

Gryd Consulting offers training and resources for service documents; we do not provide a full ABA agency setup. At times, we can give referrals based on the experiences of our other consulting clients; however, we cannot guarantee the services of referred individuals or companies as we have not directly engaged with them.

Each electronic platform has its benefits. Some are easier for data entry or have a more efficient practice management section, while others have more features for treatment plans/program books, more automations, or better pricing. Many companies do use Central Reach; however, it’s best to request a demo from several different platforms so you can make an informed decision.


“Package 1 – Introduction to QA” is a good place to start. It provides training on the principles of QA review and creating a structured approach for requesting approved hours, as well as explaining what information is necessary for justifying treatment requests. When you complete this training, you can customize a review package to obtain whatever information you still need. 

Template Packages: 

Package 2 provides templates for initial requests and ongoing justification of ABA services, as well as various other treatment request templates, such as a school service request form, mid-authorization change form, and a discharge report.

 Package 3 offers templates for session notes, enabling providers to complete daily service documentation efficiently.


Training is not included; yet you will receive a ‘how-to guide’ explaining each template and its appropriate use.

Obtaining both full packages is beneficial, as they comprise the most essential documentation needed for insurance. While some templates may not be immediately necessary, they become relevant as your client base grows. However, you may opt to customize a package and purchase templates individually.

Yes, but transferring templates between systems will incur an hourly fee. Therefore, choosing your electronic platform carefully before acquiring the template packages is advisable.

Package 4 is tailored for companies that already provide ABA services and aim to ensure compliance with insurance standards. It involves a review and recommendations for all service documentation (i.e. treatment plan reports and session note templates). Alterations to existing templates or addition of new ones are available for an extra charge. This package aims to minimize adjustments to existing templates, reducing potential confusion among current users. Newly established companies might find it less suitable due to higher costs and efficiency concerns.

Training Packages

It is not recommended to start all training packages immediately. While all packages are important, the following is the recommended order:

Package 5- Treatment Plan QA Review

Package 6- Session Note QA Review

Package 8- Program Book QA Review

Package 7 – Session Note Review Process should only be purchased when your company expands, as an add-on to Package 6.

You may choose a different package order based on your QA staff’s availability and/or experience, feedback received from insurance companies, or direct service staff’s level of proficiency in service documentation. Package order can be discussed during your initial consultation with Gryd. New companies should not purchase QA review packages until services begin, and session note QA packages should only be initiated once clients have been serviced for 2-3 months. 

 Package 11B offers expectations for job descriptions of technicians and BCBAs and all other responsibilities for BCBAs.

All QA review packages (except Package 7) also include comprehensive resources for initial training. You may choose to purchase these resources separately, a topic which can be discussed during your initial consultation.


Although Package 1 offers a broad overview of QA principles applicable to various documentation types, it’s crucial for streamlining company policy with specific review criteria. This package helps staff make informed decisions rather than just checking the boxes. Package 1 will provide the foundational concepts that can assist QA staff in making the informed decisions that often cannot be quantifiable when using standard checklists.

No, they focus on different aspects. The program book review covers evidence of services through data and graphs, while the treatment plan is the report for insurance at each authorization start. Each type of review has separate criteria. 


Package 10 includes 3 individual training courses; Aligning Goals to the Client’s ASD Diagnosis, Conducting Skills Assessments, and Using Behavior Assessments to Establish and Maintain Behavior. These packages are available either as one unit or as individual trainings. Although some BCBAs already have this information, the training courses were designed based on insurance standards and interpretations and can be very useful for QA staff. It’s best to purchase this package if these areas are being flagged by insurance, or if your QA staff reports that BCBAs are struggling in these areas.


Trainings are ideally conducted in 1 to 1.5-hour sessions weekly. This way, you cover the material efficiently while allowing participants to process the information learned, attempt to complete the corresponding QA task, and follow up with questions. 


The number of training hours included is the average time it takes to present all the information to QA staff. If your staff requires more training time, the additional training will be billed at an hourly rate.

There’s no limit on attendees, but ensure key participants are present for live interaction. All trainings are recorded for those unable to attend live sessions.

Resource Packages

Central Reach tutorials from the CR Institute are often long and time-consuming. In contrast, the tutorials created by Gryd are easy to use and divided by role, ensuring each staff member can maximize productivity by learning only what’s relevant to their role.

Package 14 includes information on all key ABA job descriptions, who should be overseeing each position, and qualifications and skills necessary for each role. It does not include training and documentation; however, you can schedule follow-up training to answer questions associated with the package.  

Package 15 (Agency Handbooks) ensures that company policies are documented and aligned with current operational and clinical processes. Handbooks and individual policies are available for purchase. Package 11 (Introduction to ABA) includes valuable resources for parents, as well as BCBA and technician training materials for orientation, using simplified language.

We recommend package 17 (Goal Banks) and package 18 (Treatment Report Clinical Resources). Package 17 includes a pairing goal bank for beginning ABA services or changing providers, as well as goal banks for parent training and coordination of care. These goal banks are a great resource for BCBAs who need suggestions on how to ensure measurable progress through goal-oriented interactions with parents, caregivers, and other stakeholders. Package 18 includes sample behavior intervention plans, crisis plans, and transition/discharge plans to assist BCBAs in properly develop treatment protocols. A parent interview form for initial assessment and a reinforcement inventory are also available (Additional Clinical Items).

Agencies That are Currently Servicing Clients

Yes! Packages 12 and 13 can be customized to meet your company’s needs and updated, even if client and provider forms have already been created. Existing documentation can be reviewed at an hourly rate, and you will receive feedback regarding all necessary components and any missing documents. You also have the option of purchasing the specific forms that you are missing, with the cost varying depending on the nature of the documents.

Templates can always be changed provided there is a valid reason for doing so, such as adding essential information or including automated options for ease of use. Before implementing the changes, finalize your updated templates and seek feedback from your BCBAs, as their insights can be crucial to the updates. Since BCBAs are the ones using the templates, their feedback is always beneficial.

Conducting a QA check on QA staff is a proactive step. Package 16 offers a mock audit where you provide Gryd with a select client’s medical records to review. Our team will assess the program book, the most recent report, and some session notes, determining if changes to protocol or templates are necessary. In the event of an insurance audit, we can guide you through the review process and document submission.

Absolutely! Audits present an opportunity to realign your templates and policies with current insurance standards. Providing us with the audit results and recommendations allows us to integrate the specific feedback into your documentation.

Package 19 offers information on insurance clinical policies, and it can be tailored for each insurance company/state. A simplified reference tool included in this package contains the most up-to-date policies available when you reach out to us.

Business Owner’s Role 

Yes. Although Gryd Consulting offers templates as part of the standard packages, if there is a particular format that you prefer, it can be incorporated as long as it follows insurance guidelines. It’s best to discuss your preferences during the initial consultation meeting to see if they can be included in the package templates. If changes need to be made after templates are inputted, an additional charge may apply. 
It will most likely be relevant, because BCBAs are only given knowledge of what’s expected from them in terms of company policy; they are not told what insurance companies expect or how to run internal company processes. During the initial consultation meeting, it’s best to discuss your previous experiences so that we can assess which package will be most suitable for you.
At Gryd Consulting, we strive to simplify ABA terminology. However, certain packages require clinical knowledge to be fully effective. Package 1- Introduction to QA, package 5- Treatment Plan QA Review, package 6- Session Note QA Review, package 7-Session Note Review Process, package 8- Program Book QA Review, and package 10- Clinical PowerPoints all require some level of clinical expertise. It is advisable to hire QA staff prior to conducting these trainings. 
At the initial consultation, we will discuss your current clinical operations and processes, and we will determine which QA package will be the most beneficial for you. Once roles are confirmed, we’ll show you the job descriptions of each company position so that when you hire QA staff, both you and the hire understand what the expectations are. Alternatively, you can select the QA role from package 14 to get a detailed job description for QA staff.

QA Role

Absolutely! Your BCBAs may be experienced clinicians who have worked for reputable companies; however, they may lack the skills needed for completing documentation according to insurance standards. Additionally, they may not know the expectations of different insurance companies.

In general, creating standardized staff descriptions and criteria for all direct service positions, as well as monitoring staff across all aspects of their job, ensures that everyone is competent within their roles. QA employee competency forms and checklists are available with package 20, along with criteria for monthly and annual QA checks. These resources can be used to fulfill the insurance requirements of ongoing staff performance evaluations, and ensure that all direct service staff are following agency protocols.

The qualifications required for a QA hire depend on the specific job responsibilities. For tasks like treatment plan and program book reviews, a more comprehensive ABA skill set is needed compared to session note reviews. Key qualifications include good writing and communication skills, a sense of responsibility and self-motivation, attention to detail in document reviews, and being a collaborative team member. It’s essential that the QA staff have some ABA experience to ensure their recommendations are well-informed and relevant. They do not need to be fully licensed in order to begin working.

When your company grows and additional QA staff are hired, they can be trained by the initially hired QA individual, who would take on the role of lead QA director. This lead can guide new staff and manage their work. For any queries, the QA director can reach out to Gryd Consulting. All training materials are recorded for convenience. If preferred, Gryd can provide live training for new hires on previously purchased packages at an hourly rate. Live training is particularly recommended for new staff if there’s been a significant gap, as insurance standards and relevant information may have evolved.


Under normal circumstances, Gryd Consulting does not directly review documents. Generally, QA staff grasp the crucial aspects of review immediately after the training, and they can implement these basics while gaining experience and asking questions to achieve proficiency. To ensure that QA staff are well-prepared to conduct reviews, we ask that they complete an actual review prior to the final training. In extenuating circumstances, such as insurance denying a claim after QA staff reviewed the documentation, Gryd will conduct an actual treatment review.

Ongoing QA Review

That depends on your preference, although we strongly recommend it, because a client’s approved hours depend on the information in the report. Package 5 (Treatment Plan QA Review) provides comprehensive training for QA staff and resources for BCBAs on this topic.

Yes; package 6 (Session Note QA Review) provides training for QA staff on session note criteria, as well as training materials and resources on session note expectations for direct service staff. Package 7 (Session Note Review Process) establishes a systematic process of session note review. Although it is not necessary to review all session notes, if a company is relatively small, it can be done

Finalizing Packages

To finalize packages and start consulting services, follow the steps outlined in the Gryd ‘Initiating Services’ page ( Click Here ). For more details, contact us at

During the initial consultation, we’ll assess your selected packages and your company’s needs, advising on which to prioritize. Any unnecessary packages chosen can be canceled during this meeting.

The initial consultation meeting is an opportunity to review your company’s needs. You don’t have to finalize packages in the initial consultation. Feel free to consult with other stakeholders or the clinical team before deciding. Changes are permissible before any package materials and/or trainings are provided. Gryd will confirm your selection prior to implementation.


All payment options are outlined in the Gryd Payment Options document. You will receive this information once services are initiated.


During the initial consultation meeting, we will discuss which packages should be prioritized and which can wait. Template packages are a one-time investment; we’ll guide you on which to prioritize. For training packages, it’s advisable to purchase one at a time, over a period that suits your budget and needs. Currently, we do not offer a payment plan.

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